Age-related Macular
Degeneration (ARMD)​

What is it?

ARMD is a progressive degeneration of the outer retina that may start at the age of 55 onwards. The macula is a term used to describe the anatomic centre of the retina. It is the portion of the retina responsible for central vision. ARMD is the most prevalent cause of vision loss in the developed world.

ARMD is classified into a dry and wet variant. In its dry form, the retina shows no evidence of blood or fluid. When blood or fluid is present in the retinal tissue this is termed wet degeneration. This happens when new blood vessels penetrate the retina from the deeper tissues. Seeing as these vessels are new and therefore fragile, leaks cause the retinal tissue to swell.

Over the last 50 years, only one therapeutic intervention has been shown over numerous research trials to improve vision in wet degeneration. No intervention exists to reverse dry degeneration, combination vitamins have been recommended to slow progression.


Risk Factors


Treatment (For wet ARMD)

Care you can see

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